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About us

Delighted to have you in our shop, we are Care For Skin, BENELUX DISTRIBUTOR of Maximum Active Dermaceuticals (M.A.D) Skincare.

Car For Skin works with M.A.D SKINCARE only, we do not distribute any other brands, because we strongly believe to focus on what is best for your skin concerns.  Care For Skin is a trade name, operating under Belgian VAT.

M.A.D understood that as a consumer, you deserve a skincare brand that focuses on the exact skin problems for each skin type. This is an important reason that drives M.A.D Skincare to develop high performance, results-driven formulas that make your skin look and feel its best.
Our mission is to deliver the best products to resolve your skin's individual problems.

Our vision is to combine the best of science and nature to create the most advanced, powerful skin care solutions on the market available today.
Each of the five skincare lines has a unique, individual set of active ingredients, making them highly effective in the battle against ageing, dull skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, redness and sensitivity, acne and environmental influences.
No matter what your skin concerns are, M.A.D has a line of products to suit you. All M.A.D. products are paraben-free.
We are confident that you will see the benefits and results from using M.A.D. skin care products.
Thank you for choosing M.A.D Skincare via www.careforskin.eu
Our consumers, are our #1 priority.